Why Resin Bound Paving is a Smarter Choice for Home Owners

A beautiful, well-designed driveway highlights your home’s architectural style.

So if you’re planning on renovating your outdoor space, use resin bound paving to combine function and style with your landscape design.

Why use resin bound paving for your landscaping needs? Here are some of the reasons why this is proving to be the smarter choice for homeowners.

It’s aesthetically appealing.

Aggregate pathwayAn attractive landscape has the potential to raise the worth of your property. Having a resin bound pathway or aggregate driveway not only entices the eyes and adds character to a place, but it can increase the value of your home. Depending on the style you have in mind you can use it to design a beautiful low maintenance gravel driveway leading to your garage, or use it as footpaths that lead the viewer’s eye directly towards your enchanting garden. Expert installers can also create patterns and logos using different contrasting colours in natural stone, making the exteriors of your home aesthetically appealing.

It’s long lasting.

Get it done by the specialists. Resin bound paving can last for the life of your property . However, it all depends upon some factors, such as how it was installed, the type and grading of stones used, quality of the resin and the stability of the base. If the resin binds with the original surface properly, this creates a hard-wearing new surface that will last for many years.

It’s easy to clean and maintain.

Gravel drivewayCleaning is easily done with a resin bound surface. Whether you’re planning to clean your driveway with a stiff broom or a pressure hose, you don’t have to worry about loose surfaces or potholes since the stones are unaffected by movement. Water is also not a problem since the surface can be installed as a porous surface, allowing water to permeate back into the soil and recharge the water table, and helping to improve your hard / soft landscaping ratio.

It’s inexpensive.

For some homeowners, using ordinary surfacing materials like concrete may be cheaper. However, a decorative resin bound aggregate overlay can be applied to existing concrete, asphalt or pavers negating the need to undertake costly removal and disposal of existing surfacing, thereby reducing waste. With the many advantages resin-bonded gravel has to offer for homeowners and property managers, using this type of surfacing solution is the best choice if you want to save on cost whilst transforming your space into a beautiful haven.

From homes and heritage sites, to parks and playground surfaces, you can install resin bound paving where function, style and beauty are needed.

Contact us at Glooloop Surfacing and find stylish and affordable flooring or surfacing solutions for your home. From resin-bonded gravel and soft fall systems, to artificial grass and waterless lawns, we have quality and sustainable surfacing solutions for all your needs.


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