Spruce up your Outdoor Space with Decorative Aggregates

Question: Aside from driveways, can we make use of aggregates in our garden, patio or any other outdoor space?

Answer: Many homeowners assume that aggregates can only be used for driveway surfacing, but this is not the case. You might be surprised at how versatile aggregates are when used in any outdoor space.

Why do architects, landscape artists and designers make use of this stylish surfacing solution to spruce up decks, ponds, patios and gardens? Read on to find out.

Resin bound aggregate

Helps Cut Down Costs

Decorative stone landscapes, like aggregate driveways, are low maintenance, so you will be spending less when you integrate this in your garden, patio or deck. Instead of mulching, turf or ground covers, you can make use of stylish aggregate paving to reduce costs on fertilisers, plant food and maintenance. You’ll save money in the long run since it’s long-lasting and still comes under the classification of soft landscaping with most local authorities.

Adds Detail and Character to a Space

There is no limit to what this stylish surfacing solution can accomplish. Whether it’s coloured slates, pebbles or natural stones, a wide array of aggregates are available on the market. This makes it easy for you to find the right type that suits your aesthetic requirements. Because aggregates come in a variety of textures and colours, you can also integrate them in any part of your outdoor space to add beauty and character to the place.

Integrates Well with Any Outdoor Project

Resin bound decorative aggregates can be used anywhere, from a residential to a commercial space. At home, you can use this to design your flower beds or as a pathway that leads to your garden. You can even use this to decorate the edge of a pond or pool deck. No matter the size of the outdoor space, resin bound decorative aggregates can cover large areas efficiently and quickly, making a difference in the ambience of your home.

Gravel pathIntegrating decorative aggregates in your outdoor space is a simple solution to add detail and enhance the aesthetics of your place. With its flexible and durable nature combined with its natural beauty, resin bound decorative aggregate is fast becoming a popular outdoor surfacing solution to create stylish but low maintenance driveways and paths.

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