Muston Park, Chatswood

Glooloop Surfacing were recently involved in providing rubber surfacing for the upgrade of Muston Park, Chatswood (Willoughby Council). This was an interesting one, as it took us all down playground memory lane….

Many locals used to refer to Muston Park as “Rocket Park” as there used to be an old metal rocket play apparatus on the opposite side of the creek.  For those of you who were playground regulars before the 1990’s, you may remember such rocket structures as being one of the big drawcards for a park.  Unfortunately, the original rocket was removed from Muston Park in 1996, as it didn’t meet new safety standards.

However, Willoughby Rubber under rocketCouncil sourced a new rocket at the end of 2012 and purchased it from its then private owner in Blackheath.  This was investigated following the completion of the Masterplan for Muston Park where residents had raised questions about the possibility of replacing it.  The rocket was originally built in the 1960’s by Dick West (R.J. West Engineering, Blackheath) after he acquired some plans from America and built a 30 foot high ‘Moon Rocket’ slippery dip.  It was so popular that over the next few years he built 37 more all over Australia, most of which are now either closed up or long since removed.

Over the last 2 years Willoughby Council has worked with expert consultants to ensure that the rocket could be restored Rubber under rocketin a manner that would allow its continued use as part of the playground and in compliance with playground safety standards.  Most of the modification works have been completed in-house by Council’s metal workers, under expert guidance.  Works completed have included the removal of the upper deck to create a larger space, modification of the outside frame to eliminate entrapment points and changes to the access points and exit slide. Additional changes to the structure also ensured safety compliance.

Glooloop Surfacing was contracted to complete the soft fall rubber surfacing under and around the refurbished rocket structure, to ensure compliance with safety standards for the fall height of the structure.  Whilst we were working on site, the team were all reminiscing about their own childhoods spent in parks with similar structures, and the interest from the community was amazing.  We heard numerous stories from local residents who remember the original rocket structure, which was removed almost 20 years ago!

You can read more about the rocket in this article from the local newspaper.

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