Makeover of Parramatta Park – playground surfaces

You may have seen it on the news last month, but if you didn’t here’s the link:

Parramatta Park playground on the news

Parramatta Council is undertaking a regeneration of the Parramatta Park area and the playground is now open for business. It was designed by McGregor Coxall and implemented by Co-ordinated Landscapes, with Glooloop Surfacing responsible for all of the rubber surfacing.

Parramatta Park 1The playground consists of five large rings and a large deck area, each with its own themed play area including in ground trampolines with Glooloop rubber surround, two giant birds nest swings, spinning chair and disc, round-a-bout, toy excavators, sandpits and a giant elephant slide for the more adventurous kids. There are also a host of hidden games and activities in the surrounding trees.

The play equipment for the five themed areas was all custom made. Given the enormous size of some of these structures, Glooloop soft fall was required to achieve a Free Height of Fall (FHoF) of up to 3 metres in places – something that is rarely required in the industry, and that can be difficult to achieve without an experienced technical team.

Parramatta Park 2Playground consultant, Ric McConaghy, added his signature flair to the playground design, amongst other things paying homage to the parks’ origins – as cattle paddocks! If you look closely when you are there you may just discover some faux “presents” left by the previous tenants….. Can you find them?

The wet pour rubber demanded all hands on deck with two Glooloop teams working side by side for this project to produce a completely continuous and seamless pour. The result was an amazing job in getting the playground surfaces ready in time and on spec for the grand opening. Everyone pitched in to not only get the rubber installed at a great pace, but also retain the high level of quality our clients expect and that Glooloop consistently achieves.

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