Guide to selecting the ideal surfacing solution for your outdoor space

Types of Outdoor Flooring Materials

Rubber or stone? What about synthetic grass or resin bound gravel? With the plethora of flooring materials available nowadays, your outdoor space can just be as stylish as your home’s interiors.

But if you’re not sure which amongst these flooring materials will suit your needs and complement the style of your home, Glooloop can help you. As a surfacing expert, we can provide you with essential tips to help you choose the right type of flooring solution for your outdoor space—from artificial grass and wet pour rubber flooring, to permeable paving for residential or commercial spaces. Take a look at these outdoor flooring solutions and match them with your needs.

Resin Bound Aggregate

Design Ideas: Tree pits, lawns, gardens, parks, parking lots, aggregate driveways, footpaths and walkways.

– Permeable Paving and Permeable Pavers

stone surfacingPermeable paving uses layers of specially designed aggregates and methods of stabilisation to create a suitable sub-base which is then covered by a decorative resin bound aggregate of your choice to create a modern and functional solution. This type of flooring solution allows the percolation of water around the paving material, which means that rainwater passes through the paving as opposed to running off the material and into the already burdened stormwater system. Our permeable solutions can also be modified using permeable concrete and asphalt as tougher sub-base materials that can be used on heavy-traffic roads.

– Decorative Overlay Paving

Our resin bound system can also be used to cover unsightly or damaged concrete, asphalt or pavers. The wetpour nature of the system allows us to rake and screed out uneven surfaces and deal with complicated and awkward radii. Our resin bound overlay system is both cost effective and low impact on the environment as it uses existing hard standings and negates the need to dispose of perfectly usable building materials.

Artificial Turfs

Design Ideas: Playgrounds, lawns, gardens and sports surfacing.waterless lawn

Artificial grass can transform an outdoor area into a great looking space. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf does not trigger pollen allergy or require treatment for pests. It is also more durable and easy to maintain. Synthetic turf can also serve as a soft fall surfacing solution where children can play safely.

Natural Stones

Design Ideas: Patios, pool decks, front porches, walkways and driveways.

Granite, limestone, marble, travertine and other natural stone is not only durable, it also has beautiful colour variations that can enhance the overall design of your outdoor spaces, from gravel driveways to patios. To create unique, meandering mosaic pathways choose those that form part of a pattern. But, if you prefer a modular appearance, then go for straight cut modular stones. Alternatively natural stone paving can be imbedded in our resin bound aggregate and permeable paving system to create a maintenance free Tuscan style patio.

Rubber Wetpour

Design Ideas: Parks, playgrounds, gardens and other recreational areas.

rubber crumbSoft fall surfacing materials like bonded rubber mulch and wet pour rubber can transform a hard, unforgiving surface into a safe and comfortable area ideal for entertaining. This is why rubber flooring materials are widely used in parks and playground surfaces because they reduce the potential of injury by lessening the impact shock of a fall. Equally a rubber floor can reduce fatigue and joint injury as well as provide excellent noise reduction in areas where prolonged standing is require, such as factories, production lines, gyms or even just the garden shed.

Whether it’s a commercial or public establishment, or a residential property, creating beautiful and functional outdoor areas is possible using Glooloop surfacing solutions.

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