Glooloop helps out at Sydney Children’s Hospital

rubber surfacingGlooloop Surfacing’s soft fall rubber work has been on the TV again!  This time Spencer and the team were volunteering to complete a renovation of the Occupational Therapy area at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick.  The renovation was featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair on Friday 5th June in conjunction with the Gold Telethon held on Monday 8th June, also on Channel 9.  You can view the show here:  Renovation Part 1    Renovation Part 2

Despite the minor controversy rubber surfacingsurrounding a footprint in the wet rubber surfacing (still an unsolved mystery, but there is some time delay footage that may assist!), the job was completed as planned and within the tight timeframe given before the big reveal.  You can see part of Spencer’s interview on the show (blink and you’ll miss it!), along with various shots of the guys completing the install.  There is also a special appearance by our own mini-Glooloop munchkin, who attended the reveal party and was mesmerised by the amazing candy bar!

Along with a host of other generous trades, they managed to pull it all together within a week.  An excellent job was done by everyone involved, and the outcome for a very special bunch of people was amazing.  To be part of such an uplifting experience was amazing!

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