5 Best Places to Install Artificial Grass at Home

Tired of weeding, watering and cutting the grass in your lawn? Can’t get grass to grow? Then try faking it!

Today, you can make use of synthetic grass and artificial turf products to create a waterless lawn and have a perpetually gorgeous and stylish floor for your outdoor space.

Artificial grass looks as good as natural grass, but it’s even better since it doesn’t require constant maintenance, saving you on time and costs. It’s also environmentally-friendly as you don’t have to make use of chemical Waterless lawnfertilisers and pesticides. Most of all, you can reduce your water and energy bill since this flooring option doesn’t require weeding, mowing and watering. These are some of the reasons why many homeowners are switching from real grass to artificial turf.

Below are five outdoor areas where you can make use of this stylish surfacing solution.

Gardens and Roof Terraces

Artificial turf, like permeable paving, improves the overall aesthetics of an outdoor space. It can add character and beauty to a garden, courtyard and roof terrace. It can also be used as a cover up for unsightly asphalt or concrete or it can be prepared and installed to replace existing soil, turf or garden bed.

Waterless lawnDog Runs

The durable nature of synthetic grass makes it suitable for dog runs and kennels because it cannot be easily damaged, removed or dug up by pets. Cleaning up pet messes is also easy as the grass is designed to drain well, leaving no stains and smells behind. Also, it doesn’t develop mud patches or paw prints so you can keep the area clean at all times.

Pool Surrounds

Synthetic grass is the perfect choice for pool surrounds because it is mud-free and rut-free. Using them around the pool prevents mud, dust and dirt from getting into the water, and keeps your family safe as it prevents slips that cause injuries.

Large or High Wear Areas

Installing artificial turf is ideal if you have an outdoor space where natural grass simply does not grow because the area is too shady, wet or overused. Since synthetic grass doesn’t need weeding, mowing and watering, it’s also the perfect choice for areas with large expanse, such as lawns and gardens.


Artificial grass combined with soft fall rubber flooring adds a soft feel and clean finish, making this an ideal flooring solution for playgrounds. Not only does it protect your children from injuries due to falls on hard surfaces, but it also prevents them from getting itchy skin allergies.

Stylish and functional, artificial grass or synthetic turf can be used in various areas at home, offering many benefits to property owners. Not only does it provide a safe place where children and pets can play, but this surfacing solution also improves the aesthetics of the place. Most importantly, it helps you save up on time, energy and costs.

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